Moen Lifetime Limited Warranty

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Our kitchen sink faucet wand (L) started to drip slowly a few months ago. As I tried to fix it unsuccessfully, I discovered it was a Moen. And then I found online that it had a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Even I hoped Moen would help, truth be told, I wasn’t certain since we had no purchase receipt.

To my surprise and delight, it took me just a quick 1-800 call, and a helpful Moen customer service rep soon promised to send me a new replacement wand, free of charge. And a few business days later, a brand new wand (R) arrived as promised in the mail.

Of course, it would have been better if products never fail, but when products fail, it would be great to see companies behave honourably and stand firmly behind their products like Moen.

Thanks Moen. Thanks for setting a great example of Customer Service Excellence.

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33 Responses to Moen Lifetime Limited Warranty

  1. Barbara McLaughlin says:

    Would like to have the 800 number. My house is 6 yrs. old and I have two sinks in bathroom with Moen polished brass Monticello 4″ centers that keep leaking. Had a plumber change the stems, but they are still leaking. He returned today and thinks it’s something in the faucet. Would appreciate any help in this matter.

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Their contact info are here (I copied and pasted in this comment for your quick reference). By the way, please share your experience afterwards. I hope you will have good experience as I did.

    [for Canada]
    Call: 1-800-465-6130
    7:30 am to 8:00 pm EST Monday thru Friday
    Closed on weekends and all nationally observed holidays.

    To contact Moen USA call: 1-800-BUYMOEN (1-800-289-6636)

    • Barbara McLaughlin says:

      Thanks so much for your help. Just spoke to customer service and they are sending the part needed. Nowadays it’s a pleasure doing business with a company who still cares.

    • Satpal says:

      MOEN regally does not offer lifetime warranty. They refused to replace my kitchen faucet.

      • kempton says:

        @Satpal Sorry to hear your bad experience. I don’t work for them but I am curious. Can you provide a bit more details? What went wrong with your kitchen faucet? What did you tell Moen and what did they say in reply?
        For me, when my kitchen sink faucet wand became leaky, they honoured their warranty like I described above.

      • Peggy Knudson says:

        I agree, Moen does not cover their filter systems when parts break – and they’ve discontinued so there’s no way to fix a $1000 unit. BS for Moen

  3. kempton says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Good to hear Moen was able to help and is sending the needed part. Moen is a cool company to deal with, which is why our new bathroom faucet is Moen too. I won’t be surprised as we need new faucets in the future, we will go with Moen because they stand behind their products.

  4. Ray says:

    Hello Moen Customer support Oct 31th 2013
    We have problem with shower mixed valve, I noticed that the shower which we have not been using has mold and dam problem and we discover that the dry-wall in the ward-rope behind the shower is totally wet.
    I cut the wall and notice that water is dripping and when I open the water to run, water spray from a crack in the mixed valve.
    Can someone get back to me and tell me what I need to do.
    Thank you

    • kempton says:

      Hi Ray, Oh yikes! And sorry as I just saw this 2013 message. First of all, I am a Moen customer and I do not work for Moen.
      I hope you had reached out to Moen’s 1-800 customer support line and got whatever replacement parts you need if it was their parts that were leaking. Mind you, it could be installation problem too but I am no expert to say one way or another.
      P.S. No idea why and how I missed this 2013 message.

  5. Bill Cantlon says:

    I bought a Moen kitchen facet in 2002 and it started leaking in 2014. I filled out the Moen form that asked for your info and within 3 days they sent me a new cartridge to fix my tap. I didn’t have my recite and they sent it with no shipping charge and no cost. 12 years and they backed it no questions asked, tell me some other company that will do that. I am going to make sure I buy Moen every time I replace a tap from now on.

  6. Al lucci says:

    Had a single handle with sprayer kitchen faucet installed buy a plumber sprayer handle crack + washer is coming out buy handle model #7320 chrome is warranty good installed 04 thanks

    • kempton says:

      Sorry, I just see this message now. Our Moen unit is part of our house. No idea who installed it nor we had any receipts. Moen just did the right thing when we called with our problems. Of course, it would have been better if it didn’t leak but once we reported the problem, the resolution of the problem over the phone was quick and very pleasant.

  7. Rob Simpson says:

    Unfortunately our experience with Moen has not been so positive. We purchased the 87316C back in April, and right away we notice the spray wand was poorly designed and water was directed more toward the back of the sink that toward the drain area, causing back splash in most cases when rinsing dishes or pots.(no we don’t have a dishwasher nor want one ). We thought we would get used to the design and we could adjust to it, but this hasn’t happened. We recently contacted Moen through email to see if they had a differently designed wand. A reply two days later was that they needed us to phone them for a question of this nature. We did try to call and were kept waiting on hold with annoying messages about wait time, and we didn’t want to have them call us back. I resent an email reply to Moen letting them know of this delay and asking why my question could not be answer by email. One again two days later there was a reply stating they did not have a differently designed wand. We just found this experience was disappointing, when we feel the question could have been answered originally. It is also disappointing Moen hasn’t recognized this design problem and offered an alternative wand since the rest of the faucet works just fine.

    • kempton says:

      Hi Rob, So sorry to hear of your experience with Moen’s online/email customer service. I understand the time wasting nature of customer services calls but my experiences over the years lead me to almost always call and talk to someone and if necessary going up the food chain to a supervisor, a manger, et al until I get a satisfactory answer or I see I am hopeless.
      I am no expert in wands but because of how “connection point” (where the wand and the base touch) angles may be they only have one that fit perfectly. I wonder if there is something that works close enough and you like?
      Also, if I were you, if the whole thing just doesn’t work and no other wands work to my satisfaction, I would ask Moen to recognize their potential design flaw (based on your description of “water was directed more toward the back of the sink that toward the drain area, causing back splash in most cases when rinsing dishes or pots”) and ship you, free of charge, a *better* model (the whole thing, not just the wand) of your choosing.
      Have a read of my Meyer/KitchenAid experiences. When my lower end model (lovely looks, but cheaper construction and materials) didn’t work, I ended up getting top of the line units (free of charge) as replacement units. So don’t be shy to ask for a working model even if it means the replacement is better and more expensive. At the end of the day, customer services is what great brands should be all about. They should stand behind their products when they fail to live up to our high expectations.
      Also Moen has a Twitter account too complain via that is always an option. But I will try the phone first if possible, may be over the weekend or when the 1-800 line is less busy.
      Good luck Rob. And I would love to hear how things turn out if you decide to take it further up with Moen. At the end of the day, excellent customer services don’t happen magically, I think excellence happens because we customers insist good brand deliver excellent customer services.

  8. Chiu says:

    I bought a Moen kitchen faucet model CA87480 in 2013. Recently, I found the water coming out very slow like a thin line. I called my plumber to check it. We found out the water splash out fast without the faucet. If we put back the faucet, waster came out like dripping. My plumber said we need to change a new faucet. We went to HD got the same one. Installed and works fine. Next day, I called Moen asking what can they do for me as I should have the warranty for the old one.
    Their customer service guy told me that I should called them first b4 I asked the plumber to come. He said Moen will not give out free new faucet & my old faucet’s problem was something wrong with the diverter. The guy said Moen will give me 10% rebate for my new faucet ONLY and send me a diverter kit to fix the old faucet. We already put the new faucet on. What’s the point of sending us a part to fix the old one? I don’t understand, if I called Moen first, get the part but found out it’s not the problem of the diverter. (I mean the guy might guess wrong) We still have to buy new one. Now, I have to pay the plumber $110+ and paid $107+ for new faucet. This time MOEN’S WARRANTY is USELESS for me.

    • kempton says:

      This situation sucks. I can understand both your view and Moen’s view. And I will add my latest thinking on it.
      To you, you just couldn’t get the benefit of the warranty. It sucks.
      From Moen’s prospective, the way their warranty works is they ship customers the replacement parts, free of charge for the parts and shipping. So this is better than those companies that won’t honour their warranty or give people hard time, or charge for shipping cost, etc.
      Now my latest thinking is that the installation time and cost (especially if using a plumber) can often be more expensive than the parts or even the whole unit, so I would rather the kitchen or bathroom faucet don’t leak/break in the first place.

      • Chiu says:

        If Moen gave me at least a 40-50% rebate. I won’t say anything. I never thought the faucet just work a little bit more than 2 years. The manual said 5 years warranty! I thought it was the water line problem so I didn’t call Moen first.

      • kempton says:

        Well, Moen might have a point if it was really just the diverter (a cheaper part) was faulty instead of the whole unit. Now, the fact that you did go out to buy the same one as before and you will be happy with a 40-50% rebate, you may want to call Moen’s 1-800 number and ask to speak to a supervisor/manager in charge (instead of the first line of customer service support) and see if they can do something.
        Good luck and do write back and let us know if a supervisor/manager in charge can help you.

  9. Chiu says:

    I called Moen last Thu (5/26/2016). After about 5-8 min. negotiation with the customer service lady (sorry, I forgot her name). The lady finally told me they will send me a new faucet free of charge. I got it yesterday. I think I might use this to return to HD to get the refund. The lady told
    me that anythings happen to my faucet, they will only send me parts in the future. Although, my kitchen faucet broke down after 2 years, which is disappointed, still Moen’s service is very good.

    • kempton says:

      I am happy for you in hearing Moen did the right thing by you and sent you a new faucet free of charge! A big YES for consumers!
      It is annoying that the faucet broke down so soon (2 years) in the first place but at least they stand behind their product and ship you a brand new one with shipping included.

  10. Larry parsons says:

    We have moen facet in our shower the the inside part leaked no. 96909 and had to replace it

    • kempton says:

      If I were you, I would call Moen’s 1-800 number and tell them your problem. From my past experiences, I think Moen will likely stand behind their products and send you a replacement part to fix it. Good Luck!

  11. Gayle Barber says:

    Tubing for my kitchen faucet wand is leaking bad. I can not find a replacement locally. I am not sure of age or where to locate receipt.
    Can a replacement be sent? It is chrome. Only hose & fittings needed. Wand still looks brand new. It is for a double knobs. Thanks

    • kempton says:

      When I exercised my Moen Lifetime warranty, they were nice and shipped the replacement part to me free of charge and I was happy that I didn’t even need to pay for the shipping (so I didn’t need to pay a cent).
      By the way, I, of course, would rather the part itself didn’t fail/leak but when it did, Moen was good for its words in standing behind its product.
      P.S. It helps if you has the model number of the leaked unit when you call them. If not, they may be able to help you find the model or part number. #GoodLuck

  12. John fetter says:

    My model 6810 will not hold its setting it turns off by itself, I have tightened the set screw but too no avail.

    • kempton says:

      I don’t know anything about the model but have you tried calling Moen’s 1-800 number if you think it is a defective unit and not something you can fix from reading repair FAQ or watching other’s help video.
      From my own experience, Moen was good in sending me a replacement part free of charge (no cost to me for shipping and the part itself) so I had good experience with them.
      P.S. By the way, I’ve started to write a book about the various good customer service experiences I had over the years and how I got them so people can try to get similar experiences for themselves. Over the years (and I’ve documented some of these stories briefly here on this blog), I think I’ve probably had over C$2,000 (or may be even C$3,000) worth of goods, services, and compensations by skillfully, politely and firmly talking to customer service representatives of companies big & small. I’m not 100% successful but my betting average is pretty good, probably over 85%! 😉

  13. Wayne Andrushchyshyn says:

    Hello, My name is Wayne and I am located in Parkland County which is approx. 50 km west of Edmonton, AB. We were given a Moen kitchen faucet, Model # CA87315C approx. six years ago as an anniversary gift from the in-laws who are no longer with us. About 2 weeks ago I had to replace the cartridge in it because of a dripping issue. We still have an issue with a drip where the hose attaches to the faucet head. To the best of my knowledge, and from what others have said, I still have a cartridge issue being that is what shuts the water off from getting to the hose. I replaced the cartridge again and the leak continues. I went to our local Co-op store here in Stony Plain Ab, and purchased a new complete unit today. The staff at the Co-op suggested I contact you people to see if this would be covered by any of your warranties.
    Thanks for now,
    Wayne Andrushchyshyn

    • kempton says:

      Hi Wayne, Thanks for sharing your problem with us. I’m a Moen customer just like you as I do not work for Moen (as you can read from my post sharing my own problem and Moen’s response).
      I visited Moen Canada’s Support page on the internet. Please take a look.
      And call Moen Canada 1-800-465-6130
      I hope Moen will do the right thing to help you. Please write back later (hopefully after they help you) to share your experiences (good or bad). I had good experiences where they shipped me the needed replacement parts free of charge! Others have left comments saying Moen didn’t help them. So I like to hear your latest experience. Good luck.

    • kempton says:

      P.S. If Moen’s 1-800 number don’t help, if I were you, I would totally escalade the complain using social media to apply public pressure (don’t be rude but always be fair, factual and firm)
      Good luck with the 1-800 number first (and social media if needed).

  14. Laurie says:

    Hi I have been put on hold and have tried various ways to get in contact with no results. We would appreciate a call back soon regarding our problem with our leaking faucet. Thank you.

    • kempton says:

      Hi Laurie, First of all, I do NOT work for Moen. I’m like you, a Moen user/customer. If I were you and had “been put on hold and have tried various ways to get in contact with no results”, then I would reach out publicly and ask for help from Moen via social media:
      Twitter: @Moen
      P.S. I’m in the process of writing a book to share my years of experiences working with (dealing with?) companies to get excellent customer services. One of the chapters will be about Moen which will have my expanded views on “lifetime limited warranty”.
      May I suggest when you publicly raise your issues/complains on both Facebook and Twitter, please be mindful of staying polite and pleasant as well as firm of your request of the companies in doing the right thing (e.g. re you faucet should NEVER have leaked in the first place!). I hope you will get the results from Moen that you wish to see. Please kindly write back to share your experiences after you publicly raise the issues with Moen on Facebook and Twitter. I hope they are smart enough to listen and do the right thing by you. Good luck!

    • kempton says:

      P.P.S. Hi Laurie, I just checked and looks like Moen responds to at least Twitter complaints reasonably fast. Have a read of this tweet and reply and they acted pretty quickly (within a day) and seems to be doing the right thing re a Twitter user Kristen’s @Kris10Seattle leaky faucet! Good luck!

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