KitchenAid to the Aid using Twitter

I expect a lot from well respected brands like KitchenAid, which was why I tried to get two, in my opinion, poorly designed and engineered pans replaced. You can read more in Getting help from KitchenAid via Twitter” (Sept 2010). Here is an excerpt,

“Yesterday, I tried to get some help from the nice people from KitchenAid via their twitter account. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see them replied promptly. Wow, KitchenAid is listening, very cool.”

It took a few weeks for Meyer (the company that owns the KitchenAid brand) to get things resolved and now I am happy to report the extraordinary steps Meyer took to fix everything.

Once I described the pans’ problems to a nice Meyer consumer relations manager, he immediately agreed to fix the problems for me. He ended up shipping two beautiful Anolon advanced hard anodized pans (with “the best nonstick coating in the industry, Dupont Autograph 2“) that are upgrades to my old KitchenAid pans. And when I later told the consumer relations manager that UPS had mistakenly charged me customs duties for the replacements, he sent me a cheque to cover the $60+ duties.

Thanks Meyer and KitchenAid. Thanks for taking the extraordinary steps and setting a great example of Customer Service Excellence.

P.S. Here are some beautiful pictures of my Anolon advanced hard anodized pans.

KitchenAid-Anolon-Meyer pix 1KitchenAid-Anolon-Meyer pix 2

KitchenAid-Anolon-Meyer pix 3KitchenAid-Anolon-Meyer pix 4

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