Superstore/Loblaws: “Try it … you’ll love it!” guarantee

PC Dim Sum - pix 2

Many of Superstore/Loblaws‘ in-store President’s Choice brand of products carry the “Try it … you’ll love it!” guarantee (or money refunded with proof of purchase). I see this as a great promotional method to get customers to try PC brand products and ways to collect customer feedback. The guarantee lead me to try their PC brand of Chinese frozen dim sum.

PC Dim Sum - pix 1

Unfortunately for me and for PC, the frozen dim sum tasted awful and nothing remotely like what you have in a Chinese restaurant or the cheapest frozen dim sum you can buy from Chinatown.

So I took up the PC’s guaranteed offer and called their 1-888 number and managed to get a $10 gift card as refund, saving me the hassle of bringing the box & receipt and lining up at the store for refund.

PC Dim Sum - pix 3

As smart consumers, I think we should take these money back refund guarantees by companies seriously for two reasons. Firstly, if they guarantee we will “love it” and we don’t, they should refund. Secondly and more importantly, I believe by us complaining about the product quality or taste, the complaints allow the companies to improve their product offerrings in the future. Having a monetary cost associated with the complains will give them a better chance to be heard by some mangers somewhere because the money payouts have to be recorded, accounted for, and justified.

Lastly, I should mention that I have tried various President’s Choice products (from various food products, to non-stick pans, and even meat and poultry scissors) and they taste pretty good and work pretty well.

Thanks Loblaws. Thanks for setting a good example of Customer Service Excellence.

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4 Responses to Superstore/Loblaws: “Try it … you’ll love it!” guarantee

  1. A Ford says:

    I just tried their new mini chocolate raspberry cheesecakes and they were inedible. Far too sweet. As in faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too sweet. Very disappointing.

    • kempton says:

      So sorry, I just read this a bit late (4 years after you posted the message). As this is a post about President’s Choice “Try it … you’ll love it!” guarantee, I hope you took the product back to the store for a full refund!
      We recently tried a few PC frozen meals and loved them so we went for a few more boxes of PC Blue Menu frozen meals to try and found that we did NOT like them at all (OK, hated them) so I’ve kept the boxes and the receipt. Still got another to try and if we don’t like that as well, we will bring back the three boxes for a full refund!
      At the end of the day, on balance, not all PC products are great but enough of them are of high quality that we will keep buying more PC products and refund those that we don’t love!

  2. Louise VanAtte says:

    I recently purchased a box of “Gluten Free Yellow Cake” mix and was amazed how delicious it tasted. I immediately purchased 5 more boxes to bake and store in my freezer. I enhanced the second one with almond flavouring and golden raisins. Absolutely yummy !

    • kempton says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences Louise! Glad that you love the cake mix! I recently learned how to make a super yummy Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake from raw ingredients after watching a YouTube instruction video. The result was yummy but I bet it takes a bit longer than using a cake mix!
      As I shared in another comment I just posted on this article, on balance, not all PC products are great but enough of them are of high quality that we will keep buying more PC products and refund those that we don’t love!

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