Aeroplan: Making money from spoilage by expiring your points?

Aeroplan class action lawsuit - pix 1

This site promises to cover the spectrum of “good, bad, ugly, and beautiful customer service experiences“. When Aeroplan managed to change the rules arbitrarily to its advantage and getting its customers angry enough to file a class action lawsuit, it seems justifiable to name it as one of the uglier example of “customer services experiences”. (CTV News with videoTorStar, and CBC News)

Aeroplan class action lawsuit - pix 2

Readers may recall Ontario banned gift card expiration in 2007. In that case, gift cards were cash and “expiring” gift card/cash felt like robbery for some people. Changing the way the Aeroplan points are expired (from a very flexible/liberal three years to one year) can be seen as what the companies did in “expiring” gift cards.

It is unfortunate that Aeroplan seems to be setting an ugly example of “Customer Service“.


For further info about the Quebec Superior Court July 2009 motion: see class application 500-06-000476-099 in French where you can download the full PDF text of the class application in English (check out paragraph 14 – 20) and Merchant Law Aeroplan National Class Action info.

P.S. In the corporate world, “spoilage is what happens when a gift cad is purchased and never redeemed“. Spoilage is pure profit for the corporations since they get paid but don’t need to deliver any goods or services in return.

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3 Responses to Aeroplan: Making money from spoilage by expiring your points?

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  2. hevangel says:

    What! Areoplan miles going to expire in 1 year!

    Gotta check my miles.

  3. kempton says:

    If an aeroplan account is deemed “inactive” for over one year, the points in the account will be expired and zeroed. So, go check your account.

    If you want to know more, the class application also contains some good info.

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