How Twitter helped Krystal Yee win her Rogers fight

Really enjoyed Krystal Yee‘s article “How Twitter helped Krystal Yee win her Rogers fight“. Here is an excerpt from the article (emphasis added),

5. My 5 tips

1.Know when to negotiate. The best time to negotiate with cell companies is when you have less than 1 year left in your contract.

2.Be polite! You’ll never get anywhere by screaming. [Kempton: Totally agree on this one, polite but firm.]

3.Don’t waste much time with a customer service rep. Ask to speak to the retentions department. [Kempton: Often the 1st level reps will want to try to “help”, so I talk to them a little out of politeness even I know they can’t help.]

4.Do your homework. Find out what other companies are offering and use that as leverage. [Kempton: This is the most important part. You can’t ask for the moon if no one else is offering it. But if all the competitors are offerring the same deal, chances of you getting a matching deal shouldn’t be too difficult.]

5. Be prepared to leave. If you don’t get what you want, there are plenty of other companies that are eager for your business. [Kempton: I left Bell and signed up with WIND Mobile and have never been happier. No contracts to sign with WIND.]

My experience with Rogers Wireless taught me a lot. If you think you’re being treated unfairly by a business, don’t spend your time and energy being upset about it. Speak up and make them take notice.

In case other find it useful, I should also mention Twitter helped me fix my problems with some defective cookware as I wrote in “KitchenAid to the Aid using Twitter“.

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