I heart Clarks

I heart Clarks - pix 1

I was impressed by Clarks Shoes when they replaced two pairs of my defective shoes free of charge. Once the Clarks‘s experts confirmed the problems (via emailed photos of defective parts of the shoes), Clarks let me pick any styles of shoes currently in stock that I like and sent them to me free of charge as replacements!

It feels great and is wonderful to see a company with 175 years of history like Clarks backing up their products and do the right thing to make customers happy. Thanks Clarks!!! Thanks for setting a good example of Customer Service Excellence. I heart Clarks!!!

I heart Clarks - pix 2

P.S. Special thanks to Stacy at Clarks Canada for your help. And also help from the Clarks UK Twitter teamClarks USA, and UK.

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10 Responses to I heart Clarks

  1. romeo says:

    i bought a pair off clarks dress shoe about 2 yrs ago while attending a wedding both bottom came off can u gave me any advice what to do i only wore it twice i try to contact customer service by phone but did not no reply

    • kempton says:

      That sucks! Don’t know what to advice, do you still have the Clarks shoes? For me, I still had them when I complained and was able to email them pictures of the shoes where the problems occur. And after reaching out to a few people at Clarks, some at their social media (e.g. Twitter) and some via phone, they were quite helpful to me.

      • raj says:

        Hello. Do you know how many years is the warranty valid for??

      • kempton says:

        Well, strictly speaking, I don’t think there is a warranty for shoes. 🙂 But normal shoes shouldn’t wear off too quickly in a year or a little more like mine. So Clarks was great to stand behind the quality of their products and honour an implicit warranty of quality product.
        P.S. I still LOVE Clarks! I am wearing my second replacement pair now. 🙂

  2. Mary connolly says:

    I have 3 pairs of Clarke ladies shoes that are not worn,but the soles have fallen apart.
    What can I do with them?when the 3rd pair fell apart I think it was time to do something about it.

    • kempton says:

      I don’t work for Clarks. How soon did the soles fall apart? You may want to try reaching out to Clarks via social media as Clarks seem to monitor their social media quite actively. And if they think their products have fallen apart way too quickly, I won’t be surprised if they stand behind their products and do the right thing.
      Please let us know how Clarks decide to resolve this with you re your three pair of ladies shoes at the end. Good Luck.
      P.S. I am still wearing my free Clarks replacement. So I still heart Clarks very much and won’t change brand as I know they stand behind their products at least for me.

  3. kirk says:

    my Wallabies delaminated after the third wearing. The store was unwilling to help, other than give me a 50 pct. credit toward another pair. So what, am I supposed to double down on a pair of crappy knockoff shoes that only look like the shoes I have known and loved my entire life? What has happened to retail shoe industry? The Chinese are eating your lunch and you go and treat your loyal customer base like this? Really?!!

    • kempton says:

      Sorry, I just see this comment now. If I were you, I would reach out to Clarks via their social media or 1-800 number and tell them your problem. From my past experiences with Clarks, I think Clarks will likely stand behind their products and do the right thing. As this comment was almost one year old, you may have resolve the problem already.

  4. Mel Jones says:

    Terrible shoes! I bought a pair of Clarks for my waitressing job and was told they would not wear out within the year. The sole is completely worn out, and a hole in the bottom is coming threw and the other shoe is starting to crack. Brought them back to the store who lied to me and said that I had a year of wear and tear, now they won’t take them back. I thought they shoes were made for work!! Do not buy this product and do not shop at Soft Moc. They lie to you about their return policy!!

    • kempton says:

      Sorry to hear your bad experience. When I had my experiences, I reached out to Clarks directly instead of the store and they were able to help me and they stood by their products and I got my new shoes replacement so I was happy.
      You may wish to reach out to Clarks directly via social media (Facebook or Twitter or both) and let us know how it turns out.

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