Moen 9 years later

I love seeing people posting their own Moen experiences (some good, some bad) underneath my 2010 October Moen Lifetime Limited Warranty experience post. Since then I’ve hoped to have a chance to check out Moen’s current level of customer service. You see, after getting our good warranty experience in 2010, we’ve bought two more Moen bathroom faucets and one multi-function showerhead (keeping all receipts for warranty purposes).

Recently the one-handle pull out kitchen faucet (the one that we got a free replacement wand with free shipping in 2010) is acting up and dripping water (either drip drip drip or coming down in a tiny stream) unless the handle is put down in certain positions or in certain ways (at times annoyingly random to make the dripping stop). So I finally called up Moen’s customer support warranty line (currently 1-800-465-6130) on May 15th for help.

Initially (and this is bad and NOT cool), Moen’s 1-800 number gave callers no choice but to select the option to get a “call back” and afterwards it actually hung up on me after three times of not choosing to get a call back. May be the customer service agents were too busy to take calls? Another way of looking at this is that Moen has not hired sufficient agents to handle warranty/support calls. #NotCool

I then tried calling again hoping to speak to an operator but that didn’t work out either. So I called a third time. Third time was a charm and I got lucky. This time Moen’s “call volume” (number of telephone calls made during a certain time period) must have dropped temporary and I finally didn’t get the annoying option to call back and I was allowed to wait. I were told the estimated waiting time was around 6 minutes, put on hold and I soon got to speak to a customer service agent.

As always, benefits of speaking to an experienced agent is that we customers can describe our problems in precise details (e.g. describing the special tricks I did to turn and pull down the handle to make the faucet stop dripping). Knowing the problems’ details often allow the agent better diagnose the source of the problem and solutions to fix them.

I started by telling the agent we are loyal customers of Moen and given our previous excellent warranty experiences, we have since bought three more Moen products. After giving some info, the agent was even able to find details of my previous 2010 call and problem/solution. She told me that since we were not the original buyer of the product and doesn’t have a receipt (it came with the house so no receipt or box) and this is a discontinued product, their 2010 free of charge replacement was a one-time courtesy replacement. But having said that, she was still willing to ship us a replacement cartridge (MRSP ~C$40) free of charge. The cartridge may fix the problem. But given my precise problem descriptions, she suspect it might be the “connector” that needs to be replaced which costs $14.44.

Since Moen was nice and honourable enough to stand behind its product to send us a MRSP ~$40 cartridge free of charge, it feels reasonable for us to pay the $14.44 cost for the connector which hopefully, with both new parts, will fix the problem and keep the faucet working for some more years to come.

2019 May 24 update: Yeah! The parts arrived on May 22nd, just 7 days after my call. The Handle Connector Service Kit (see (L) on one of the above photos) has a reasonably clear instructions and was easy enough to follow so I removed the old connector parts and installed the new ones. Now this seem to have “fixed” the dripping problem! We’ve now used the faucet for 3 days with the new connector and I don’t see any annoying drip anymore.

Originally I had thought of installing the Moen 1224B cartridge at the same time since I got the new part anyway. But here is the trouble. Taking apart the faucet and removing the old cartridge may be a risky operation by itself. First of all, I can’t seem to find anywhere on Moen’s site or on YouTube the exact old model of kitchen faucet we have. So I don’t want to risk breaking anything while removing the old cartridge. If it isn’t broken (the existing old cartridge didn’t cause the drip, the connector did and was replaced), why risk creating a mess and break things! And my better half agrees so the Moen 1224B cartridge will be kept in case of future needs.

Concluding Thoughts

If I were Moen’s Brand Manager or Customer Service Manager, I would seriously rethink charging customers for replacement parts even if they are not the original purchaser or don’t have the receipt. As long as the products are Moen (the company can require customers to send in photos of the products or model numbers/production codes, etc), then the company should really honour the warranty. At the end of the day, while I didn’t regret paying for the connector and did think it was fair, Moen will sure deservedly earn my and others’ praise if they simply stand behind their products, ALWAYS! After all, brand reputation take years to build up and then if not handle with care, the reputation will slowly eroded over time.

It should be noted that the cost of the replacement parts are kinda lesser of the issue here. Customers would rather have faucets or showerheads that don’t leak or drip forever! Because, witness my uninstalled 1224B cartridge, with faucets, taking apart or remove the old units/parts can be troublesome and lot of work! So at least make the replacement parts free, always free, and stand behind the brand. Moen should have and could have done a little better on this count here.

Now about that Moen’s 1-800 number giving callers no choice but to get a “call back” because of lack of customer service agents is really not good. The problem is many customers with problems may simply give up and never call back. This is bad for the customers because they don’t promptly get the lifetime guarantee that they have been promised. Time and money wasted. And bad for Moen as well because those disappointed customers will likely buy different brand of products and give up on Moen forever. Nowadays cheaper products are of pretty high quality already. And other brands of products that have good customer service and lifetime guarantee will sure be happy to take Moen’s customers!

2019 May 24 update: This May 17th post has been updated/rewritten with added photos after I successfully installed new part received on May 22nd.

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