Peace by Chocolate – Chapter research notes

Here are some of my research notes collected in preparation to write the “Peace by Chocolate” chapter of my book “The Satisfaction Guarantee Revolution – Winning Battles from $1 to $1,000” (work in progress title).

2018 Feb, G&M, “Tareq Hadhad on building a successful business in Canada as a refugee“. This part got me emotional,

We were asked to a community potluck. We felt chocolate is our ambassador. My father prepared chocolates in our home. Everything he made was gone in 10 minutes. After we came back, he had tears in his eyes, that was a huge moment for him. We started selling in the local market, that first day in Antigonish, people waited before it opened. I counted 200 people, to buy chocolate. People loved it before they even tasted it! They trusted us as newcomers who brought something they wanted to support.

We didn’t come to take anyone’s job – we’re here to create jobs. We also wanted to tell Canadians about Syrians, how hard they work for their goals.

Tareq’s Twitter handle.

What did two years in Canada teach me? | Tareq Hadhad | TEDxMoncton

Peace by Chocolate: Newcomers’ message | Tareq Hadhad | TEDxDalhousieU


Here are a few pix:



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